Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guns And Roses (updated)

I never really knew Guns And Roses, but their new release sounds like good hard rock.

Except maybe I never really understood the branch of heavy metal which involves the singer singing falsetto, sounding like a little girl. Doesn't seems all that manly to me. But of course after the tights, the long hair, and the make-up, what do you have to lose?

Update: China bars the album.

By the way, I spell it "Guns And Roses" because I think the habit of using "n" for "and" is a bit childish. Just my subtle chiding there. (Surely too subtle by half.)


Jes said...

I think it mostly comes from Led Zeppelin's influence. Robert Plant sung with a pretty high voice, who in turn was influenced by a blues man I'm not familiar with. And then Judas Priest and Iron Maiden took it a step further of course.

Alex said...

I remember the first time I heard GnR was when watching "The Dead Pool", the only Dirty Harry film I saw at the cinema.

Jes said...

I forgot to mention this in my last comment, but it's not REALLY Guns n' Roses. It's Axel Rose and a bunch of other guys. Basically a solo record.