Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Driving practice

Michelin loves this guy.
Holy f**k, he can drive.
What impresses me the most is when he rounds a cone at full speed, and the front of the car is a foot from the cone the whole way around.

TC points to this one.


Bron said...

That was fun.


tc said...

"Bron said...
That was fun."

Wasn't it, though?! All in a day's work, for this guy!

I don't know if I could do as a popular license plate cover orders: "get in; *shut up*; and hold on!" Well...the latter I could obviously do but...what expletives, etc. would be coming outta me!! I'm thinking something beyond *EEHAW!* lol!

Thanks, Eo! :-)

eolake said...

How about the nerves of that Segway guy?

Bron said...

How about his lungs?

Michael Burton said...

I didn't enjoy this as much as you guys did, perhaps because I have a neighbor who seems to think this is the right way to drive on the streets at about 3 AM, and I tend to disagree.