Monday, March 31, 2008

Trafford Centre, new wing

A brand new wing has just opened at the Trafford Centre by Manchester. The wing is called Barton Square.
Laurie and I went there today, and it's quite impressive, below are some pictures I took.
The walkway in the middle is wide as a Parisian boulevard.
And nude statues, the English are coming along.

This is why I love pocket cameras: I had no idea I'd need a camera today, it was just in my pocket. But I'm quite pleased with these pictures. Not high art, just snapshots or documentation, but very pleasant I think.

Again the little Canon 960/950. Look at the first picture, of the intricate floor design. The light was being reflected directly into the lens, and yet the exposure is perfect. Very impressive.
I have not sharpened them, they are actually so sharp that if I do that, they begin to look unnatural!
Only thing I had to correct was the white balance in those from inside the walkway. They were too green, I suspect the glass is green.

Laurie wondered what the development had cost. I hazarded £50M. Not a bad guess, I think, it seems to be £70M.


Alex said...

Come on, there are nude statues throughout the UK. There is a naked horseman in Winchester who also appears in London. There is that mermaid with the Dolphins just on the edge of St Catherines Dock by Tower Bridge. There are several "manequin pis" as well. These are just some of the ones I remember from recent visits, but they are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I like these pictures because you're not trying so hard to make "art".

p.s. I think it's strange some of the stuff you say about nudity. You put down anyone who doesn't think like you as inflexible and repressed, just because they don't think like you.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

They're free to think and feel like they want.
I just protest when they try to enforce their thoughts on the rest of us, by making rules and laws about it.

Anonymous said...

You want those laws changed, forcing public nudity on people who don't want to see it. (Somehow more skin makes a society more free.) If every beach was "clothing optional" some of us would have to see these people who would look bad enough even fully clothed.

Alex said...

I was curious and just went to their website. Their map is pretty awesome. It even shows what signs you'll see at all the junctions. I was impressed.

One of the signs was for a roundabout, called "DUMPLINGTON CIRCLE". This is a nice feature they added in the early 90's, names of roundabouts. It used to be that roundabouts had two or three names. The local name, the city wide name and the passers-by name. Trouble is when asking for directions you'd get told "third off at the Saisbury's roundabout". Of course Sainsburys is only visible from the 'A' road, so you haven't a hope, unless you're a local.

So looking to see how close to the cricket grounds and United's stadium I took a look at Google's satellite image. That mall looks bigger than M'cr Ringway (Int'l Airport). I scrolled down to the M56, and it really does look bigger.

Bet Salford Quays looks a bit piss poor in comparison. Indeed, who still goes to the Stretfield Arndale? Or the Arnie in Manchester for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Show me some chariot racing and duels to the death to go along with all the fancy sculpture and waterfalls.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"You want those laws changed, forcing public nudity on people who don't want to see it."

Not at all. In all fairness, "they" can have "clothing enforced" camps where they can go if they can't stomach the sight.

That was a joke, obviously.

it would be silly to enforce nudity, just as it's silly to enforce clothedness. Just as it would be silly by law to enforce any kind of clothing code, aesthetics notwithstanding.

Monsieur Beep! said...

I liked the third plate straight away. Nice composition, with the arch of the modern building and the spire of the church in the background.
By intention or by accident: brilliant shot.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I certainly have the intention, though it's not always it succeeds. :)

The spire is actually part of the centre, amazingly. Brand new.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder about the authenticity of the comments made on this blog. I wonder if they're all written by E. Stobblehouse. Otherwise, you'd expect the occasional person to disagree. There is mild dissent on occasion, but usually everyone falls into line or simply gives up. Reading through the archives I have yet to see Stobblehouse ever swayed by another's argument. Anyone who does not think as he does eventually drops away and all that's left are people whose thinking mirrors his own. That kind of defeats the purpose of a blog. He might as well get a diary and keep it all to himself.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

But what would you do then?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'd have to take the 0.5% of my total available time spent here and spend it on my many other interests and activities. Considering the amount of time you appear to devote to this blog*, I'm not sure you're in a position to say anything along these lines about anyone else.

*Your second favorite pastime is, of course, quoting yourself. Which is like kissing your own ass.

I can't really expect much in the way of replies from you, though, considering the laziness with which you undertake everything.