Thursday, April 03, 2008


More about the relative importance of good tools.

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At 3 Apr 2008, 17:12:00, Blogger Alex said...

I would even go so far as to say "right tool" rather than "good tool".

There was an episode of "Firefly" where they were being more cowboyish than usual. The director wanted the typical Western shots. The camera man had a wonderful state of the art set of cameras and lenses. Once he heard what the shoot was to be he went and grabbed some of his older gear, particularly multi element lenses where anti-glare coatings were worn or non-existent just so he could get the flare in the lens.

So, it is in some cases the right tool is not necessarily the "good" tool.

At 3 Apr 2008, 17:16:00, Blogger eolake said...

Quite right.

At 4 Apr 2008, 11:47:00, Blogger Jimbo said...

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At 5 Apr 2008, 07:07:00, Blogger Bert said...

"You foreign speakers of English may not get this... ;)"

That's quite OK. There's so much we get that you don't... ;-)

At 5 Apr 2008, 07:09:00, Blogger Alex said...


As a native speaker, I am not sure which definition of Tool you are using.

tool - euphemism, penis.
tool - derogatory term akin to "plankton", "plank", or "waste of space".

Having said that, I did only speak NW dialects with a hint of NE.

At 5 Apr 2008, 18:07:00, Blogger Jimbo said...

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