Saturday, April 05, 2008

Leica CL

Article on the Leica CL, a classic compact camera.
"By nature, a rangefinder camera ought be the compact, discreet, and low-cost alternative to an SLR for those who can live with its limitations, not something to put in a display case or go bankrupt buying."

Me, I'm still waiting for compact cameras designed for documentary work and street photography. Modern digital compacts actually have everything needed, except for operating speed. Autofocus in a pocket camera is just too slow for a lot of people-shooting work. Also I guess for serious work they need to be more durable.

I've actually heard of a press photographers who uses digital compacts for work in the field in war-torn countries and such. He loves that they are discreet, but he does complain about the focus speed, and that he needs to carry several because they are not meant for the beating professional work gives them.

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Anonymous said...

Following the glowing review at TOP, I got myself a Canon G9. This was the first Canon I've owned since they blew me off by discontinuing the FD lens line. (Still haven't forgiven that move.)

Its great! Fast, accurate, great controls blah blah blah.

Try one. You'll like it.

I like my little Nikons, but this Canon is a whole 'nuther class.

Jeff R.