Monday, March 31, 2008

Camera pricing

Interesting article about how they price cameras, based on a camera I'm quite interested in, the hopefully upcoming Canon 5D replacement. (The 5D was the first compact/affordable full-frame DSLR, and a wonderful camera.)

"Market-research subjects often don't know in advance whether they will like surprise new features or not, because they basically like what they're used to. Maybe some new feature has low "thought appeal" but will have high actual appeal when the product is realized and photographers start trying it out and comparing notes.
"A couple of examples: autofocus tested poorly before its introduction (and we all know how that went for the companies that decided against it on that basis). And the APS system was perhaps the most well-researched new product in photo-industry history—it consistently did very well among focus groups and in all kinds of market research. But it flopped pretty decisively when it was actually brought to market."


Final Identity said...

What's an "APS" system?

eolake said...

A film format which came forth in the nineties. It had 35mm width, but less perforation. And a magnetic strip. And a smaller negative than normal 35mm. That size is the reason most DSLR cameras are said to have "APS" sized sensor, in linear measurement it's about two thirds.