Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Greg Heins Photo

Greg Heins Photo.

The only pity is that he, like so many photographers, considers 600 pixels a large size for the web. I think it's a pity, I like to see pictures at 1200 to 1600 pixels on the long side, and that's what I put up myself.

I like the one above, I like pictures looking through trees/bushes, it plays with space and shapes and lines all at the same time.

Ooh, and these ones, with the snow. What a sense of space!


terry said...

Pictures of snow always depresses me. Glad you like them Capt Eo, as for me it's a remembrance of a dark and foreboding arena of misery.

joe dick said...

You call that snow? :-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

In the Eighties, I've seen in Lebanon two metres of snow (that's 6 feet!). People would dig TUNNELS to go out of their houses.
School was out for three weeks, and that didn't depress me one bit! :-)

Terry, you really should work on making your peace with the past. And with Nature. The serenity it brings is invaluable for one's well-being and present happiness. Beyond compare. Better than forgetting it all.
Accept that the past happened, and remember that it is over. Don't dwell on it. Live in the Present, and build a better future. It's every day, every minute, that you make your future happen.
The power is yours. (As Captain Planet would say.)

To Nature, snow is the yearly night, to sleep and rest and prepare for the awakening of Spring. It is necessary and a very positive thing.

nildarp said...

To Nature, snow is the yearly night, to sleep and rest and prepare for the awakening of Spring. It is necessary and a very positive thing.

If I could have the power to stop winter and snow myself I would. I too are one of those winter blue ppl. Winter sucks and is not necessary for anything.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You're just saying that because the seasonal decreased metabolism biologically depresses you.
I can certainly understand your feeling, but it's precisely that: a feeling. There's nothing to criticize in it, just remember that not all which is useful we may like. And not all that we like is useful... or harmless!

Even death has its role in Nature and the human species, and yet it is perfectly normal for us to be saddened when it happens to a loved one. "Because it is part of being human."
If nobody died, there would be about 80 billion humans on Earth today. And most of them (94%!) would be much too old and tired to even WISH to stay alive. When Alzheimer's disease is very advanced, the natural end of our life is merely God's mercy on our suffering and weariness, a sign that out time has passed, hopefully after having been well employed. Our time is even more valuable BECAUSE it is not limitless, and thus we're forced to get up every morning and enjoy it.

In truth, we do not fear death, we fear to stop living... which happens way before we DO die of old age. I know some young people who have never truly lived, because they don't know how.

In truth, you don't hate winter, you just love spring and summer, and miss them when they're gone.
If it was spring all year, would you appreciate it as much? Aren't you most happy when you're reunited with someone you love and have been separated from?

It's okay to be the way you are. It's also okay to see the positive and happy things. Sometimes it's as simple as shifting your perspective on the same things. Sometimes, if you just change your outlook, you HAVE the power to change the world. YOUR world.

It can be this simple. So I wish you all the best in your life, and from your life.
It's always a great day to be alive and LIVING life. Carpe diem, brothers and sisters.
Carpe diem.