Monday, June 18, 2007


I don't know who took it.
Apart from saturation, I think it is not manipulated, just a very lucky/skilled straight photograph of a rainbow, but with a super-wide-angle lens so you can see the whole thing.


terry said...

quite breathtaking........actually brilliant. i'm saving this one and printing it out. the clarity is wonderful eolake. you cease to amaze me, honest.

terry's song of rainbows said...

at a second glance it appears like you could be driving under a bridge leading to heaven doesn't it? i love rainbows. always have.
i can hear judy garland sing somewhere over the rainbow and it brings a warm feeling in my heart, the song itself brings back fond memories of childhood.
i remember playing in the warm puddles of water in the summer after a storm and a rainbow would appear and i would rejoice feeling at peace with myself and feeling the warm sun hit my face and the sensation of the water around my feet.........treasures.

Pascal said...

I expected you to love it, Terry. Not only is it amazing, it also has that visual uniqueness that is often selected for religious &/or inspirational posters. And it's not just because there's a halo of light! It feels all so... unique. The splendor of Nature, revealing itself for a brief moment to a privileged observer, peace and beauty...
Well, you get the idea. :-)

Another very interesting element is, that you can clearly see the second rainbow phenomenon, which stems from a double diffracted reflection inside the water droplets. The second rainbow is always wider than the first one, sharing the same geometric center, and about only half as luminous.
But the science of Optics doesn't have much to say about that blazing tree in the middle. :-)

ttl said...

This is truly an amazing photo. I, too, am reminded by Judy Garland, but for slightly different reasons. In the 1980's Rainbow used to have a huge lit electronic rainbow as a stage prop. It looked just like this photo (if you imagine Ronnie James Dio in place of the tree). Their concerts started with a short audio recording of the film from where Judy Garland recites those legendary words ending with "We must be over the rainbow".

The only thing bothering me: A guy snaps a photo this magnificient and he isn't even given credit for it?!?!

eolake said...

It happens all the time both with pictures and text, it is forwarded multiple times and the credit gets lost. Which is why I often put the credit on the picture itself. (Even then some people lop it off.)