Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jump back?

This always amuses me when I think of it:
Twenty years ago I was standing by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for a green light in a sleepy town in Florida. Next to me was a little old Florida woman with blue hair and inch-thick glasses.
On the opposite corner, 50 meters away, a car suddenly decided to take the corner at speed, on screeching tyres.
This was surprising in that quiet morning, so I exclaimed: "God damn!"
The little old lady apparently was a bit hard of hearing, for she looked up at me through her thick glasses and said in a slow, frail voice:
"Jump back?... Why!?... I'm on the sidewalk!... They don't come on the sidewalk!..."

1 comment:

Pascal R said...

Reminds me of my sweet old grandmother! (^_^)