Monday, July 24, 2006



Uncle Ron said...


May I ask as to what software are you using to create these paintings and do you use a WACOM pad to do so?

Uncle Ron (old but still learning)

eolake said...

I use Adobe Illustrator.
Though I use very basic capabilities only, so probably any vector-based drawing app will do it.

I use a Wacom Cintiq screen/tablet. It is expensive, and a regular tablet will do, but I find it very helpful to have the pen on the screen.

Anonymous said...

"A Domai Moment at McDonalds"

It was a pleasantly warm fall day, one of those beauties that God puts out. And I had missed it, frantically working away at the office. At lunch, I decided to skip the cafeteria and head out with the windows down and moonroof open, for a quick bite at the McDonalds a few miles down the street.

Sitting outside, a beatiful "early 20 something" woman sat down at the table next to me. She was alone, sandy blond hair, lightly curled and shoulder length (perfectly accentuating her petite face), and dark green eyes. Her facial and body features, and womanly curves, were striking. She was wearing a light sweater, kacky pants and hiking boots. The very small hiking boots showed how petite her feet were, and therefore her whole body must be petite. As she began to eat her grilled chicken sandwich, she began to read a book.

From the way she carried herself, her dress, and her mannerisms, I could tell she was dainty, yet "tomboyish", and confident. An outdoors type. By her dress, she could have spent the morning hiking in the nearby forest preserves, enjoying the trees just beginning to turn their brilliant fall colors.

She noticed me studying her, and just gave me a quick glance of approval with those dark green eyes, an approving smile, and flick of her hair. I glared back into her eyes with an obvious acknowledgement of our brief, unspoken relationship. I had finished my meal, and hopped back into my sportscar for the quick drive back to the office, the warm fall wind blowing everywhere inside the car. I had been totally refreshed in every way, and spent the rest of the afternoon in full concentration - getting alot done.

Why do women have to be nude to enjoy their beauty? Being very familiar with your DOMAI site, I wondered what I would have known about her if I had met her nude somewhere. I certainly would not have been able to discern her "tomboyish" outdoorsy character. I would have known how she kept her pubic area (shaved, trimmed or unkempt), the shape of her nipples, and possibly a glimpse at more intimate parts of her body (labia, etc.). But - I already know what those areas of her body look like. Except for minor anatomical differences, and differences for the way women maintain their pubic areas, every women is the same. How boring nudity is when every single women is nude (like on DOMAI)!! You get nothing about their personality, character, etc.

What prompted me to write this to you is that you spend a whole lot of time on DOMAI trying to defend and justify the site! Why? And, in my opinion, you use themes written by prominent Godly authors, like Pope John Paul II, inappropriately.

I agree with Pope John Paul II's overall theme, nudity is not bad or sinful. What is sinful is how the viewer reacts to the nudity. If the reaction is lustful in any way, it is sinful.

I also think that, in order for a photograph of a nude women to be truly art and not lust, that the model and the photographer have to have the same intent as the non-sinful viewer. Namely, creating the photograph out of the joy of beautiful art, not to satisfy any sexual urges for the model or the photographer.

I do not think that is the case for many of the DOMAI photographs. The model is positioned in such a way with the camera lens to accentuate her genitalia. The dancer, whose torso was beatifully framed in an old window, is now on her knees on a bed, legs spread far apart, labia majora and minora fully exposed, and her body, face and facial expressions positioned in a very sexual "come hither" pose.

Other styles of model positioning I remember on DOMAI are with the model sitting, both legs bent with the knees near the face, and the camera lens positioned on the side, level with the genitalia, being sure to capture the fully exposed labia resulting from such a body position. Why? Is that art? Or is it creating a photograph to make sure that guys with a lustful desire pay money to be a member - in order to "satifsy" their desires with more photographs of that nature that come with membership.

That is why I am not a fan of DOMAI. I think that many of the photographs are truly beautiful and are definitely artistic. Kinga in the Field, and the Dancer in the Windo mentioned above, are examples.

But I don't think, in my opinion, that the Pope would be approving of the photographs on DOMAI where the model is so obviously positioned to accentuate genitalia. The labia are the center of the photograph, and the body position of the model (legs spread) to show the genitals.

I think it is wonderful what the recent movements in the past 4 or so decades have done to the uncomfortable feelings of nudity in this country. Heck, I remember my grandmother describing sex in the 20s and 30s. You did everything to hide the nudity, sheets, clothing, etc., and just got the job done in order to have children. How terrible.

But we, especially us men, have to be very careful, again in my opinion, to separate sensuality from lust. Lust is persistent, and none of us are immune to its desires. Look at the proliferation of all the magazines and web sites. Keep allowing lust to gain a foothold, and you will "do down", and HARD!! Look at all the men who do, from priests to now most recently Mark Foley (the US congressman).

The reason for this is that lust never truly satisfies our sexual needs. So - lustful men keep wanting more - until the crash (whenever and however it happens). Hence, the success of DOMAI and other sites and magazines.

I would believe that DOMAI is an artistic site about women, if there were many photographs of non-nude women. But, EVERY photograph is of a nude women. Why is that!!? To me, women are beautiful however they wish to present themselves.

You also mention, and seem to honor, being naked around one another as frequently as possible. I disagree. Humans are wrapped with very complex emotions, unlike any other creature on this Earth. My female dog, now 7, can lay on her back, legs spread open, revealing all her genitalia, without a care in the world (she just wants a tummy scratch). My 3 year old daughter was that way too, gleafully running around the house, just out of the bathtub, getting everything wet. She enjoyed me chasing her until I caught her, and didn't care how she positioned her nude body. The giggles of laughter I will always remember. But now that she is 14, she does not run around the house nude. Something changed. And it changed with her, naturally. We did not teach her that her genitalia were "bad" or "shameful". On the contrary, times that we have accidentally walked in on each other naked have been met with just a quick "hi" and normal walk to the nearest garment to cover up. For my daughter, the human emotion of modesty naturally evolved at about 7, when she began to close her doors when she dressed or changed, etc. And I respected that to the "nth" degree. I've showed her some of the more artistic photographs on DOMAI, and she agrees they are beautiful photographs. She is not sure if she would want to pose naked, but I certainly would not object IF that were her desire. Knowing her as well as I do, I do not think I will ever see her in a nude photo, or find her on a nude beach.

Notice one common theme. Allowing natural evolution of emotions. I believe that when parents or authority figures try to "force" their emotions on children is where the problems start. If we stop a 3 year old child from running around naked in the house, telling them that is bad, that starts the cycle of emotional problems centered around exposing genitalia, in my opinion. But if we let modesty naturally evolve in their psyche as they grow, I notice that not one human girl or boy allowed to grow up in this way choose to run around naked anywhere (except privately) past about 7 or 8.

That is why I have problems also with the nudist movement. I know how wonderful it is to remove your clothes outdoors and just be "free" in nature. Having a warm outdoor wind blow inbetween your legs is exhilerating. But I do this privately when I have the opportunity. Nudists seem to say that if you don't want to come to nudist sites, that you should feel sad for the shame you have about your body and its genitalia. I wonder who is truly shamed by their bodies. Me? Or, someone who has to remove their clothes in front of strangers, clearly stating that is proof that they are not shamed by their bodies?

And - I notice one thing about your photograph here in this blog post. You clearly have drawn the "cleft of venus" and her nipples in a very simplistic, simple lined photograph. What is so important about that one little line you HAD to draw inbetween her legs. Or the nipples on her breasts. I think the beauty of the drawing could be just as easily, and more artistically, displayed without that line or the nipples.

I am perfectly happy staying clothed in public, and around the house with my older children. And thank God for beatiful women, and for the chance to enjoy their beauty anywhere. I don't have to go to sites like DOMAI. I can enjoy beauty everyday just by walking down the street, or walking down the hall at work, or going to McDonalds. The women are clothed, but they are just as beatiful, even more so, than if they were nude. And, these views are always free. There is never a time that God will say, OK - now pay and I'll show you more.

Peace to you!!

eolake said...

Notice how much you pay to stay alive so you can enjoy more.

I think genetalia is another part of the body, and hiding them is just another way of highlighting them.

Lust, like hunger, is only a problem if it is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I pay quite a bit to stay alive and enjoy. I enjoy lots - including prayerfully giving as much as I can to those who are not as fortunate as me. God has given me much and I wish to return as much as I can. God also gives me much to enjoy and relax. There is beauty everywhere on the Earth and in the Universe - every day is a new beauty that I haven't seen yet.

I too agree that genitalia is part of the body. But I totally disagree that the people at the local public pool I frequent cover their genitalia to highlight them. Genitalia are parts of our body that give us great joy. I have no need, unlike some of my friends hooked on DOMAI, to seek out uncovered genitalia. If people choose to cover their genitalia, there is nothing wrong with them. And as I stated - it seems to me that's the general way of MOST of the people in the world.

I just came back from a business trip to Greece - and took a side trip to the Greek Isle's (Santorini). Another of God's beauty that I just took in. I was warned that the beaches were all nude. I thought - so what - if that's what people want to do. But, there was absolutely no nudity anywhere. People in "textiles" everywhere having a great time. Just a few very young children running around without anything on. I met many, had great conversations, and had a great time taking in the naturally beautiful sites.

Yes, Lust, like hunger, is only a problem if it is out of control. I don't spend my time seeking nude women, drawing them, etc. But, when I run across nude art in any form, I enjoy it. But, I don't go out seeking it - unlike some who seem hooked to magazines and DOMAI. Just like I don't spend my time seeking food if I'm not hungry.

Just like any man, we all have sexual urges. When those urges call, I am happily married and satisfied in every way!!

Peace, again, to you!!

RJ said...

R. J. Grigaitis

To the photographer that wrote "A Domai Moment at McDonald's"

I can't find you letter on the internet anymore, and I'd like to quote you in a book I'm writing. I will keep you anonymous if you prefer. This is where you can contact me: