Saturday, July 29, 2006


As I suspected, once I mentioned euthanasia in a forum, discussion really took off. Not exactly an easy subject.

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At 29 Jul 2006, 04:39:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...


Who is Youth Anasia?


At 29 Jul 2006, 10:29:00, Blogger eolake said...

You don't know her? Very popular Asian porn star. Famous for her bendy ways and affinity for rope.

At 29 Jul 2006, 11:06:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...

Ropy cortionistic Asian porn stars are not my bent. Even full frontal they are not straightforward enough but a bit too kinky.


At 29 Jul 2006, 20:36:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

See, Eolake? It's all your fault to begin with.
You should apologize.

Oops! Maybe I should have posted this comment on the thread just below... ;-)

At 29 Jul 2006, 20:47:00, Blogger eolake said...

I know I am bent. So spank me.

At 29 Jul 2006, 22:57:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...


Gore Vidal was asked if he believed in corporal punishement and his answer was; "Yes, but only between consulting adults."


At 30 Jul 2006, 00:10:00, Blogger eolake said...

I can get behind that.

At 30 Jul 2006, 01:03:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...

Perhaps one should spend one's youth in Asia, but one's adulthood in Europe?


At 2 Aug 2006, 22:13:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Now, Adam, please. You're going too far!

I mean, people have been jailed for making such puns, y'know...

Watch it, maybe some "compassionate soul" will hear you, and mistakenly "put you out of your misery". When you have it this bad, it's easy to be considered terminally hopeless! ;-)

At 3 Aug 2006, 22:03:00, Blogger Adam Czarnowski said...


Well, of course, a pundit like yourself would say that...


At 3 Aug 2006, 22:54:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Don't complain, Adam. As a notorious pundit, I am always wanted some place. In some palace.

Birdy want Numb-Numb?

[For your info, "Numb-Numb" is a fowl food endorsed by Youth Anasia to put hyperactive parrots to sleep.]

"Parrots to sleep! Parrots to sleep! Parrr......"

See? Might seem extreme, but it solves that problem for good. Now, if only I had something for those pesky eticks that bug me...


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