Monday, May 21, 2012

Travolta allegations

Fox news, new "allegations" (Fox news report) about John Travolta being gay or bi.

It's sad and typical, the pretty anchor starts by harshly accusing Travolta of "sexual misconduct" and sounding like there's talk about the most heinous crimes, and then a couple of minutes equally strongly attacking the people who are hunting this man who has probably only had adult consensual sex casually, something which I suspect these days is more common than smoking.

Gays have come a looong way in the past couple of decades. But clearly they, at least male gays, have not come so far that those who are really in the public spotlight feel they can risk coming out yet without damaging their career and life. I don't know of any big politicians or hollywood top stars who openly are gay or bi. But there are several in the music industry, at least female ones, so I guess we'll get there.

What is remarkable is how much hate it inspires. OK, so you may feel disgusted by the things gays may do, especially male gays for some reason, but this intense anger and hatred? Whuzzup with that? As long as they don't do it in the street and upset the pigions...


Anna said...

I read some article on, it really sounded like he has been raping young children or so. Is it only about being gay? Sounds amazing.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I know, it's insane.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Time for asking the painfully obvious question: why should the practices of male homos be any more disgusting than heteros indulging in preferential anal sex? Equally icky in MY book! (Yeah, I know, "more hair", but that's a trifle detail)

And yet, more than 50% of US-made porn is either partly-but-dominantly, or entirely about anal sex. Urgh!

I do believe that Travolta is entirely guilty of using the Katrina drama as an alibi for his shameless cultist propaganda on live TV. But somehow, I majorly doubt that he'd rape/assault a guy, ASSUMING he were gay (and I demand to see proof of THAT, too).
I mean, think about it: how many gays would sign away their soul for a flick with THAT well-preserved classic sex symbol? Puh-leeze! That's like insinuating that George Clooney has a hard time scoring with chicks. (Assuming Clooney is hetero. ;-)

I disagree with the claim that "only the truth hurts". Attacking one's reputation with lies that many people will more or less believe in, that also hurts a lot. Especially when your reputation is joined at the hip with your profession. I'm a doctor, what would become of me if someone started a rumor that I'm a molester? Even after being proven innocent, the damage of the stigma would remain forever. Even the most pure-minded people would think "better safe than sorry".

And let's not forget the Clérambault syndrome: the moment you're famous (in whatever way), some delusional people will stop at nothing to either get your affection, or get back at you for "betraying" theirs.

"Insane", you said?...

Sometimes, I wonder if the good that comes from free media really does balance the countless excesses of those countless reporters, obsessed with their power to destroy those which they can never hope to equal. Envy: immensely more nauseating than sodomy!

Remember the Strauss-Kahn affair? I recently read that in France (the "Carlton affair"), he's being prosecuted by a lady judge who publicly asked him: "what about those porn movies in your car, do you think it's okay to watch that smut?"
[facepalm] They really expect an overt uptight prude to give an objective ruling? Yahve have mercy on us if we're ever on trial!

I hereby officially object the granting by Society of life-destroying power/authority to people mentally/emotionally unfit to wield it. Starting with politicians!!! :-P

Please excuse the rant. Allergy to injustice is in my genes. Most officially.