Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Olympus lens 75mm F:1.8

I posted about this when it was still not official. Kewl lens. Great bokeh, dead sharp at full opening, see these samples, particularly the tree.

And, once again, a lens like this would be (and is) just colossal in full frame format. This is really handy-jim-dandy in comparison. This is what Micro Four Thirds was made for.

Apparently it's a bit special, it has 5 special lens elements, and the front lens is apparently polished to a precision not hitherto used in any commonly available optical gear.

The focal length, 150mm-equivalent, is a bit unusual, but heck, it could be of use for anything which might use a medium telelens of quality, particularly in poor light or when very short depth of field is desired. I can see it quite useful in various documentary work, or art- landscape/townscape work.

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