Sunday, May 20, 2012

A famous smoker

In the seminal film Wild At Heart by David Lynch, which features a lot of violence and a lot of smoking and closeups of lighting matches, the male lead by Nick Cage gets a laugh by saying that he's been smoking ".... since I was about... four." But he is beat by this kid, who at two is obese and smoking 40 cigarettes a day! It's pretty sickening. But it's easy to see by his professional ease with handling the cigarette that this is not his first.
It'll be interesting to see how long he lives if he continues like that.


ttl said...

Why do you question the kid's life span?

Jeanne Calment smoked from the age of 21 until the age of 117, five years before her death.

So, perhaps she should not have stopped smoking, don't you think?

TC [Girl] said...

It's pretty sickening.

I agree; and SAD that his parents are completely CLUELESS to how BAD it is for his health! cigarettes seem to be the "appeaser" to their situation, video games, etc. are to a more "affluent" society! Our culture knows that smoking isn't good for us AND that exercise is what is needed for ALL of us's not done...mainly because many are busy, tired, or just plain lazy (or, of course, some other reason).

It'll be interesting to see how long he lives if he continues like that.

Yeah...although some people seem to dodge the bullet w/lung cancer and live, like ttl writes about, a very long life.

Found this interesting site. Something to ponder. :-)

Anonymous said...

ttl sure loves him some logical fallacies.