Monday, March 05, 2012

There's no "4" in Japan

Our reader Alex finally gone done deciding on a new camera, he got the upscale compact Panasonic Lumix LX5. Congrats, I hear it's a good one.

In a review of it, I read:
The LX5 is the fourth in the LX series, following on from the LX3, which was released in 2008. That may seem odd, but Panasonic, like other Japanese manufacturers, does not use the number 4 in its designations. This is because the number is considered unlucky in Japan, due to it being pronounced the same way as the word for ‘death’. 

Woa! And nobody told Nikon! The new flagship D4 must be dead in the water. Ooooh.


Alex said...

I hate to say this, but there was a bit of "the devil you know" in the ultimate decision. I'd used an LX5 last year on a trip to foreign parts, and really liked it. The big sell for me were.

1) pocketable
2) reasonable zoom lens
4) no interchangeable lenses
5) Available EVF

Something I just learned yesterday, the extension tube to mount filters etc has a 52mm thread, which conveniently matches most of my other lenses, and therefore my existing filters!

I'll still take my DSLR when I want all the toys, and to take my time, but for day trips, touristy places and not having the bulk, this will be my camera.

Snapsort showed the LX5 as better price performance then the Nikon V1 and the Fuji X10, my other faves at the moment. Also the LX5 was the only one that I could slip in my pocket, even in the ever ready case.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

All good things.

Personally, with a pocketcamera I rarely use the viewfinder, or manual controls. The former anyway doesn't look so great, though it can be a boon in strong light. The latter, well the ranges are rather narrower and the differences in depth of field rather small, so usually I just leave it on P.
But still good to have in case I want max background blur or such.

And yeah, it's a bit magic to have a good zoom on a real pocket-camera.

The short zoom range on many kit lenses (for DSLRs or M4/3) is a bit silly, you almost may as well just crop and get a lens a third of the size. Almost.