Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Paypal Pressured To Play Morality Cop

Paypal Pressured To Play Morality Cop, article.


Alex Greene said...

I guess Nabokov's Lolita's going to end up getting given the chop again, ho hum.

Banks and moneylenders should never have been given so much power as to decide what is, and is not, acceptable speech.

Politicians and priests have argued over the protection of the rights to free speech - both vested in attempts to claim the power to arbitrate over its limits. But now, the banks and usurers have quietly seized the reins, and begun imposing their arbitrary standards of morality on authors.

I consider this utterly egregious, and ultimately futile - authors can continue to write "legitimate" material to keep food on the table while making erotica available through Open Content.

The word will still get out. Always. No matter what the subject matter, no matter how horrifying and contentious the themes, stories like these will always get written and will always circulate.

Anonymous said...

This is probably bogus. Reminds me of when Blockbuster decided they wouldn't carry porn anymore - coincidentally after the internet had taken all that business.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I doubt it. From what I've heard, some of the new successful independent ebook authors (who uses sites like Smashwords) are erotica authors. Apart from principles, it's probably a non-trivial part of their sales, and while it might have had a positive PR impact for Blockbuster in some circles, I doubt it would have for Smashwords.

Sukiho said...

paypal wont be round for too much longer, events like this give bitcoin more and more opportunities to gain market

Anonymous said...

Few people - only the most hardcore of nerds - are into that bitcoin shit.