Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ol' Joe Valence

Ol' Joseph Valence
Was a man of great talents
His knob was quite thick
And a mighty big stick
Though he used it mainly for balance


TC [Girl] said...

Funny...I was just listening to NPR do limericks. :-D

TC [Girl] said...

(Oooh, cool! Anodder piktur! :-D Aren't cha going to sign 'em?! :-)

Are these on "real" paper or an app? Looks like real paper!

Anonymous said...

I love chimp drawings.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I sometimes find it hard to put in a signature without encroaching on a picture. (Some put a huge signature on there which is the first thing you see.)

Yes, it's pencil on watercolor paper. This paper here.

(The paper is a warm white, I made these drawings B/W and darker in Photoshop.)

umbra said...

lol it's true when you sell paper you never know what is going to be printed on it :-D
Cool limerick.