Friday, March 09, 2012

Soon to grow up

So I'm 49 today. Which means in a year I'll be 50, and it will be time to figure out what to do with my life. So I have just one year left of being young and rapscallious*, better make the most of it.

*According to the dictionary, that's not a word. Hard to believe, it's a pretty obvious one, methinks. 


TC [Girl] said...
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TC [Girl] said...

LOL! Happy Birthday, Eo! How's about "rascalious?" :-) Better make the most of this last year before you become a 'Demi-Centenarian!' :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh dearie me. EO thinks he's fast approaching his 'use-by-date. Welcome to the club mate! Because you are so into hi-tech i-phones etc. here are a few texts that we pensioners use:-

ATD - At the doctor.
BFF - Best friend's funeral.
BTW - Bring the wheel-chair.
FWIW - Forgot where I was.
GGPBL - Gotta go, Pacemaker battery low.
GHA - Got heartburn again.
IMHO - Is my hearing aid on?
GGLKI - Gotta go, Laxative kicking in.
WAITT - Who am I talking to?
HGBM - Had a good bowel movement.
TTYL - Talk to you louder.

Have a good one EO. I shall raise a glass or three to you this evening.



Eolake Stobblehouse said...

(Laughed out Loud, Peed My Pants.)

TC [Girl] said...

ROFLMFAO at BOTH of you! :-D LOVED those, Basil! (Cool name-o, as well! :-D Thanks for sharing those w/all of us!

Timo Lehtinen said...

Happy B-day, captain!

Why grow up, though? Actually, I was thinking about this myself a couple of days ago. The way I see it, now the education part of life is over; I know everything there is to know – including secrets of life, God, and such things...

So, now it's time to put all that to use! The more rapscallious way, the better! The remainder of life shall be dedicated to that, i.e. full game play! :-)

gordonsbuck said...

I remember turning fifty. It was a strange feeling to realize that the first third of my life was over.

JohnH said...

Happy Birthday Eolake! Just remember that aging is inevitable but maturity is optional. Best wishes.

Michael said...

Happy Birthday Eolake!
Cheers for fond recollections on your many escapades and allowing us a window into your life through your blogs.
Continued wishes of creativity and beauty to you!

Jes said...

Happy birthday, dude! Hey, I never realized it, but our birthdays aren't too far apart. Mine's in just a couple of days. Pisces rule!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, guys!

gordonsbuck, LOL.

Timo, quite right. To "leave behind childish things" is important, but it's also important to differentiate which childish things hold one back, and which elevate one. A childs' joy in simple things and openness to life are priceless.

I once saw "Labyrinth" in the cinema. The only other adults who were there, were with the kids, except for two Bowie fans, who were disappointed that the movie was (unusual in DK) overdubbed to Danish.
And I'd very sorely have missed Pixar movies if I'd never seen them due to them being "for kids".

Anonymous said...

Seinfeld on Facebook and turning 50

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Good one.

Seinfeld looks good for 56.

CalgaryMark said...

Someone told me 'I may grow old but I refuse to grow up'. It may have been Peter Pan - I try to live by that epigram.

Best wishes - I hope blowing out all the candles with one breath didn't cause you to black out. Wait, that's what happens when you blow out the candles . . .

Bert said...

Happy bday, Capt'n!!

Marcelo Metayer said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Tommy said...

Thought for your day EO; only 364 days left in the 40 year range.
:-) or :-(

Russ said...

Happy Birthday Eo!

If you've never had your mid-life crisis, time is running out. It's not too late to pick up that shiny, new, red convertible! ;-)

A shiny, old, red convertible would even be better:

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, friends.

I guess nobody likes the fragility which tends to follow age, but apart from that I've always felt that a mindful and mature outlook was a higher ideal for me that being young and fast. This has been so my whole life, my mom said I was "born an adult". I may well have missed out on a lot, but Iyam what Iyam.

john c said...

tianHappy new birthday!
first of all,
you never feel older than about thirty.
there are no age barriers on enjoying women or the world.
keep fit, its a bit slower but worth it.
Love n thanks.

Monsieur Beep! said...

Happy Birthday, Eolake.

Not to worry what to do with your life. Just live on as you´ve done up to now. Well, and if you feel you´re ripe for a change, then change.

Don´t wait, never ever, but live!

Thanks for your work at Domai.

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