Saturday, March 31, 2012

Portlandia, "buying a cell phone"

Anna tipped me off to the TV comedy Portlandia. It's rather out there, so it took a little while to wake up to it (even that it's a sketch show), but I find it very funny. And it's clearly a hit, seeing how high it appears in suggestions when you start typing "portland" in Google.


Russ said...

Like all great satires, there's an element of truth in every single Portlandia sketch. I should know, I've lived in Portland for almost two decades.

I've watched the Dream of the 90's sketch at least ten times and it's still funny:

craniac said...

It's a cool show. Lots of cameos by well-known faces too.

If you're interested, Fred and Carrie were recently guest DJs on an episode of NPR Music's All Songs Considered.