Thursday, March 29, 2012

Self-Driving Car Test

This is early days, but I really hope that this technology won't be held back too long by social fears and conservatism, I really feel that it will be a great boon not only to special customers, but to society as a whole. It will save a lot of time as stress for many people (how many people dream of the gift of one or two hours extra per day to read, play, or work? And how many are seriously stressed just by driving?).
And once it becomes advanced and becomes the norm, it will surely also save an enormous proportion of the yearly traffic deaths and injuries.


Ken said...

People generally prefer to be in control, or as a second option, a human in control who is going to suffer as much as them in an accident. Maybe we'll change.

Alex said...

There are stretches of freeway here where they have had so many lane shifts over the last 10 years that when it's wet you cannot tell which are the lane markings, and which are not. The only way I knew was by driving that road every day. I wonder if the computer can see things I can't, and if it will learn from neighboring cars.

I believe the automated cars won't be as emotional as real drivers (all emotions from timid, through distracted to aggressive or loaded), there will come a point where most cars will be automated, and someone driving manually will be able to be use that to bully their way ahead - at least the ambivalent drivers will be automated and not carelessly driving too densely and distractedly.

Joe said...

I wonder if you will still be at risk of a DUI charge with this car.
"But officer I was not driving "