Monday, March 26, 2012

The Net shortens attention spans

We've talked a bit about how how, seemingly, the Net shortens attention spans. Or at least such a phenomenon has come about remarkably coincidentally with the rise of the Net.
Timo wrote this on the subject:

The shortening of attention span for Internet users is caused by dopamine addiction.

Discovering new information, i.e. an interesting site/page, gives a "rush" caused by the release of dopamine, the body's feel good chemical. Over time, you get desensitised to this "euphoric" effect, making you want to experience it more often.  Clicking your mouse then effectively becomes a dopamine release switch.

Except when you click only to find spam or some otherwise uninteresting information.  This results in withdrawal symptoms, making you want to click your mouse even more in order to get your fix.

So, if, upon discovering and interesting page, you find that you end up reading only the ingress of it, and then already feel the need to search for some other interesting information, you are addicted.

The key here is that the dopamine rush happens at the point of  discovery. Not when actually consuming the information.


Steve Green said...

I know this only too well. Currently I am on the net looking for dopamine instead of doing my study. Maybe I'll go for a walk.

Russ said...

Why do you think they call it dope-amine? ;-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That's a load of baloney. The net doesn't, erm, stuff, and, uh, well, it's NOT bad liek sqwer ppl keep sayin 'round me, so there. GTG, my pants need ironing B4 i go to work. I'm a senior employee @ a major fast food joint in Bikini Bottom. And my loser colleague plays the clarinet, bubbles always come out of it when he does that, lol. I swear, that dude's got no spine. Unlike my driving licence inspector. Or is that spikes? After all, she IS a blowfish (blow fish? go fish?). Neat, 5 of spades, just the card I needed. Wanna cuppa? It's my own blend, I call it Coffee Annan.

Anonymous said...

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