Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hot and bothered

From news story (not online):
Luisa, 26, shop assistant from Italy ... even more serious bout of breast bother on a beach at Anzio, south of Rome. As she had idly applied lotion to her ample (her lawyers word) bosom, a mother of two boys had hurried over and demanded that she cover up immediately. The sight of Luisa sans bikini top had apparently troubled (the mothers word) her sons, aged 12 and 14.

Yes, I feel sure that the two boys were quite bothered by such a sight. And they were probably hot too, in that sun south of Rome.
It's good to hear that somebody is finally thinking about the children!!

It's apparently a trend, though, less toplessness in Europe. They say that hemlines tend to follow the economy up and down. There seems to be something to it, though I must say the logic escapes me. If you're depressed by the economy, nice gams or shoulders are a free way to be cheered up.


Anonymous said...

If you're depressed by the economy, nice gams or shoulders are a free way to be cheered up.

But people have less money for going to the gym, getting waxes, etc., and everyone is grumpier.

Andreas Weber said...

That's news from 2010:

It even ended up in court, where the case was rejected immediately:

Alex Greene said...

I can think of it as either or both of two things.

First of all, you'll always find a Puritanical element in any society that believes that society has gone down and the blame lies with some manner or other of licentious and lewd behaviour.

In their moralistic and blinkered world view, when society has fallen to despair and drudgery they can claim that they own this world they happen to inhabit - some would say infest - and, bolstered by the delusion that they have acquired the mantle of the one-eyed man in the valley of the blind, they now think that they can get away with telling people who don't appear miserable, who still have open hearts and open minds and a mature attitude towards their sexuality, to pull up their socks and play fair and somehow do their bit for society by becoming just as miserable and repressed as them.

And second of all, we live among jerks and douchebags.

Anonymous said...

You desperately need an editor.