Thursday, April 05, 2012

Fuji X-S1 vs. DSLR Shootout

Fuji X-S1 vs. DSLR Shootout. This is just a bit of fun. But also a comparison between a traditional DSLR (exchangeable lenses) and a Fuji "super-zoom" camera, which looks very similar, but has a fixed zoom lens, and a smaller sensor and so can have a *very* long zoom while still remaining a reasonable size and price.

It's also quite funny in places. 

The DSLR can take other lenses, for instance a fisheye lens, or fast primes for very blurred backgrounds. But of course that adds cost and bulk.

Here's a review of the Fuji X-Pro1. Seems great. Only puzzle is, why no stabilization? Seems an odd omission, especially when contrasted with the apparently astonishingly efficient in-body stabilization Olympus has accomplished in the new OMD.


CalgaryMark said...

Hey, that's my local camera store and one of the better pubs! All I need now is the $800.

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