Wednesday, March 14, 2012

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

[Thanks to Anna]
The man had guts.

I like the idea that maybe we are here just because the planet needed plastic but could not make it on it's own.
I just wish most plastic bags weren't friggin white, it really looks ugly in amongst the browns and greens and in photos (it always blows out the highlights!).     :-)


Steven Green said...

Indeed, this man deffinately has guts. I really like his take on things.

Part of me hopes he is wrong about us being phased out now the planet is done with us. I could wish for us to live in harmony with the planet. That would be great. But I also think that that doesn't really matter to anyone but us, and maybe other animals.

Thanks Eolake,

Anonymous said...

Some of it he's right about but I can see wanting to save species that wouldn't be in trouble except for us - I mean whales wouldn't be were it not for us hunting them.

Anonymous said...

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