Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Olympus OM-D

It's not every day we see a new camera line announced, but Olympus is coming out with the "OM-D" line, a line which I suspect will replace the original Four-Thirds format DSLR cameras from Olympus. I really can't see them coming out with another mirror-camera now.
This new line seems quite promising, there should hardly be any limits for making professional cameras of this type, and the linked article says: "Naturally we had to take a look at image quality, and that was looking pretty good too, a step up from the Pens for sure." Very interesting, since the Pen doesn't suck, and it's the same sensor format.
Sensitivity goes up to a dizzying ISO 25,600, and while I really doubt the two top settings are very good, if even 6,400 is very good, then that is a break-through for the M4/3 format. (But then auto-ISO is limited to 1600 by default, so let's wait and see.)

Here it is next to the OM-1 of the original OM line which the new cameras are clearly meant to capture some glow from. If they live up to that, could be very good, for those were durn good cameras, especially considering their path-blazing compactness.

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