Monday, February 06, 2012

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

... Continuing the unusual theme of death-preparedness, this one is promoted big on iTunes, and she is good.

Might seem a bit morbid. But heck, some great thinkers say you can't be too prepared too early.

Anyway, I find her looks (timeless) and her voice refreshingly original in the sea of otherwise samey pop music.
Very powerful song, bet that'll stick around.
And clearly it's huge now, when I typed "born" into google, "born to die lyrics" was only the third suggestion!

It can't be an easy life to have a talent of this exceptional caliber, once it's unleashed your life is no longer your own, your fame and talent owns you.


neeraj said...

Note for German readers:

There are many youtube videos (like this one) you can't watch in Germany - instead the following text is showing up:

"Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar, da es möglicherweise Musik enthält, für die die erforderlichen Musikrechte von der GEMA nicht eingeräumt wurden."

But there is help using the add-on "ProxTube" for FireFox - see:

I hope this helps your German readers ... at least it helps me.

Russ said...

Great song and visually stunning video! Lana is quite the looker and she certainly knows how to play up her best physical attribute.

I think she has a certain 60's to 70's Hollywood starlet quality about her. Maybe a brunette Tuesday Weld?

Or a softer Cindy Crawford?

Russ said...

Here's a shortened URL for the one above that got cut off:

Anna said...

Jee... Dunno.

I think preparedness to death goes with some appreciation of life, understanding what you came here for, where you are going to or evaporating to after death.

This is just showing death as escape from fear and lack of attention from others.

She has beautiful looks and voice, but I really find it annoying in ts message.

TC [Girl] said...

Here's an interview of hers that I ran into.

Anna said...

I watched it again. I think I just projected a story into it that was in my head. I first thought the couple decides to die together, but actually, it more seems that they have an accident.

I checked the lyrics...

Hey, can anybody tell me what this song is about? :)

I checked a few interviews, but it seems that there is nothing about meaning.

That's quite practical if you want to project your own story on it. :)

/ The lights in the clip are amazing. And the music goes into the head.

Anna said...

Well, my question was I think too vague. Better say like this : Hey, guys and girls, what does this song mean to you? :)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

The meaning of lyrics (or indeed most writing) are seldom as clear as most people think. Usually we have some pre-conceived notion that it fits, so that's what it means to us.

I've become very hesitant to ascribe much meaning to anything. I'd rather see writing and other art as provoking thought and feelings than prescribing or directing them.

Anna said...

> I've become very hesitant to ascribe much meaning to anything. I'd rather see writing and other art as provoking thought and feelings than prescribing or directing them.

I can see that, and can accept it. :)

I think English language music is usually great music, melodically, emotionally, with totally vague lyrics, that leaves all interpretation open.

There were some people having strong clear messages. Like "Imagine", from John Lennon. Banned from many radio stations in war-times / terrorism-chasing and conscious fear-building times.

But I agree, you don't need a message. :)

Anna said...

I watched other things from her, and now I see

- This is a love song actually, talking about a relation, with this morbid and poetic touch, but also a lot of plain love-song, even childish words. I think I took it too seriouly somehow.

- I discovered that she is doing great stuff ! She has a lot of songs online, and most are great.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you.

I bought her album. It has many good songs I think. Though I have not listened to it a lot, I don't do a lot of "active listening" these days (doing nothing else while listening to music), and her music is almost too engaging for background listening.

Anonymous said...