Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Song of Games and Design

My old friend Italian artist Andrea was interviewed (PDF file) by BattleSpace magazine, about his successful one-man business (he is writer, artist, and publisher) of role-playing books.

By the way, readers of this blog and eReaderJoy will know him as commerter Ganesha Games.
I've also been a fan of his art since the nineties, I've bought watercolors for myself, and illustrations for my sites.

It seems that his gaming business, like my own biz, came about "accidentally", when something he made for fun became successful. I think that's a grand ol' way to get a business.


Anonymous said...

The art looks kind of shitty. I mean, you know, it's not bad...but it's not quite professional. Probably the writing's on the same level. Pass.

The internet seems to exist to allow a bunch of people who wouldn't have been able to make a living otherwise make a little dough. It keeps them suckling on the government teet, the way Eolake would be otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It keeps them from suckling on the government teet.