Monday, October 10, 2011

Solar system graphic

This is a very impressive graphic showing the solar system. It's a big download for an image (20MB), and very, very long horizontally (30,000 pixels!), so it looks odd in the browser until you zoom in on it.
Here's a detail:


TC [Girl] said...

This reminds me of the imagery in 'The Tree of Life.' Keep forgetting to mention it. I think you might enjoy it, Eo.

Bruce W. said...

I like the space station. I think it is the one from "2001 A Space Odyssey"

Miserere said...

I get an error when I try to see it; says the "image couldn't be displayed because it contains errors".


Miserere said...

However...I was able to download the file from Wikipedia, though Windows picture viewer refused to show it at full resolution. ACDSee 8 had no such issues :-)

So, cool pic, though it seems to depict the Sun as some powerful monster trying to melt Mercury and Venus :-)

Like Bruce, I also loved seeing Stanley Kubrick's space station, which looks so much like the one we have now in 2011. Not!