Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bike-powered strip

[Thanks to Henry]
It's interesting, when men watch strip, we are absorbed, quietly drooling, when women watch male strip, they cheer and whistle. It must say a lot about the effect it has on the respective gender, I don't think anybody understands the sheer impact nude gals has on men, it's insane.


Joe said...

"when men watch strip, we are absorbed, quietly drooling"

Guys are fascinated with the shape of a women. Always wondering how she would look in her natural state of dress.

Women in the same situation. Are anticipating the physical contact. More like a sporting event.

Anonymous said...

pretentious, mindless, boring and sexless

Anonymous said...

Yes, that describes you exactly!

Laurie said...

Ha ha ha! that's a good one Dave.
Anonymous, sending you a warm hug.

Women are not used to seeing all the excitement up front

great commercial