Friday, September 09, 2011

Saturn seen from the dark side

[Thanks to TCGirl]
Hard to believe this is an actual photo, but that's what they say.

Here is a short fly-by movie composed from photos taken by the same space probe, Cassini.

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At 9 Sep 2011, 15:42:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

Good god, that's awesome. And NASA's giving away a high-res version on their site (thanks, TOP!). Might have to print one out for the home office.

At 9 Sep 2011, 17:49:00, Blogger Ray said...

Why is the planet body shown at a different magnification to the rest,
and why does it look like an "artist's conception" of the rings?

At 9 Sep 2011, 23:31:00, Blogger emptyspaces said...

D'oh...just noticed you're also linking to the big one, Eolake.

The photo definitely does look like a rendering, which makes it all the more cool to me. After all, what's in it for NASA to fake such a thing? (cue the moon landing fakery theorists...)

At 12 Sep 2011, 05:14:00, Anonymous Todd Bridges said...

If NASA had faked the moon landing, it would have looked like Lost in Space. ;-)


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