Friday, September 09, 2011

Saturn seen from the dark side

[Thanks to TCGirl]
Hard to believe this is an actual photo, but that's what they say.

Here is a short fly-by movie composed from photos taken by the same space probe, Cassini.


emptyspaces said...

Good god, that's awesome. And NASA's giving away a high-res version on their site (thanks, TOP!). Might have to print one out for the home office.

Ray said...

Why is the planet body shown at a different magnification to the rest,
and why does it look like an "artist's conception" of the rings?

emptyspaces said...

D'oh...just noticed you're also linking to the big one, Eolake.

The photo definitely does look like a rendering, which makes it all the more cool to me. After all, what's in it for NASA to fake such a thing? (cue the moon landing fakery theorists...)

Todd Bridges said...

If NASA had faked the moon landing, it would have looked like Lost in Space. ;-)