Saturday, May 28, 2011

Objects and bullets

Photographing bullets passing through things has been done before, but Alan Sailer is good.

He uses a home-made (??) one-millionth second flash gun. An ordinary one is too slow, he says it's about 1/1000th second. (I thought they were rather faster than that, like 1/10.000th sec, depending on exposure.)

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Andreas Weber said...

At low power settings common speedlights will indeed give you flash durations in the 1/10000..1/40000 sec range - but that's still 25x to 100x as long as 1 ┬Ás ...
For very fast moving subjects that's about the same difference as if you tried to shoot sports wit 1/10 sec instead of 1/250..1/1000 sec ;-)