Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"My View on Coed Sleepovers"

"My View on Coed Sleepovers", article about the paradoxes of gender-separation.

My father was one of those people, though liberal and laid-back, who could not imagine a man and a woman hanging out without sex on the menu.
Once, my sister, then in her twenties, had a male friend sleep over. There was no correcting my dad's assumption that they had had sex, so I guess nobody even tried. (I remember though this guy being apparently so hot that my sister said she had to leave the room when he stripped to his Speedos.      :-)

When I was in twenties, I had an art exhibition in Copenhagen. My dad and his girlfriend came by. By nice coincidence, a lovely friend came by, on rollerskates and everything, and all were introduced, it was a nice afternoon.  Later when talking to dad, it was clear that he took it for granted that she and I were an item. I did nothing to disabuse him of the idea.


Miserere said...

It's not just about sleepovers, but even lunch, dinner, movies...

I spent my teens in Spain, where a guy and a girl can have lunch, dinner, a stroll in the park, go to a movie, a museum, or whatever, without it being "a date". Women and men are friends with each other whether they are married or not.

None of the above happens in the US as far as I can tell. If you are married, you are prohibited by American society to be friends with someone of the opposite sex.

Todd Bridges said...

Unless one of them is ugly.

TC [Girl] said...

A 16-year-old dude not interested in sex?! Yeah, RIGHT! I suspect that there were plans for a BJ slipped in there, somewhere! After all, that ain't considered "sex" by most! Heck, we even had a Prez who claimed same! I guess if the "favor" ain't returned, it's not considered "sex!" :-/

I'm sorry: I don't "get" this "co-ed sleepover" thing. That's for GIRLS!! Dudes sleeping over for...why? They can go home, after the movies (or whatever; nail painting?!) and come back, the next morning, for breakfast, if they are *so* into being w/the gurls (yeah, RIGHT, again!).

Ray said...

Guys are interested in their 'score' but gals are interested in who wins the game.

Anonymous said...

Take a fucking valium, TC.