Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Mother’s Prayer for Her Child By Tina Fey (updated)

A Mother’s Prayer for Her Child By Tina Fey, article.

Refreshing web design too. Sad how rare that is, when on the web, the sky is the limit, really. Back in the nineties, Monty Python's entire web site was in black and white, not even grey tones. Wonderful! Haven't see it since.

AAAand the site is called "Write in Color". I like that too.
It was not in color, but I still fondly remember an SF novel by damn, whazname... didn't write all that many books... anyway, the book had "illustrations", but not in the usual kind, they were abstract, and they enhanced the intellectual ideas and the emotional impact of the story. Why do we never see that? It's not like it's technically hard to do!

... Ah! Alfred Bester! Thanks god for wiki, and for SF writers being so few that I could scan the list in a minute.
I think the book was The Demolished Man. Very experimental work, even the letters were arranged unusually on the page to show how conversation would look to multiple telepaths conversing simultaneously! Very daring.

My super-SF-genius friend Morten S says the book was Golem 100.
Reviewers say:

"There's a lot of dark humor in Golem 100, and some of it may not be to everyone's liking - if you're offended by necrophilia jokes don't read this book. If you can stomach some VERY graphic violence (with innards all over the place), twisted humor and a plot that involves mutants, demons and radioactive drugs, read this book. While not a masterwork, it's a very original, inventive, thrilling read."
"This is the first Bester book I have read - I've always disliked the juxtaposition of humor and horror, so there is much for me to dislike in Golem100."

Sounds good enough to me.

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