Thursday, December 02, 2010

The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris

(Get article and bigger videos here.)

Lee Morris just wanted to prove again (I myself need a lot of reminding of this) that it's not the camera which does it.
But he got lots of back-flash from it. I think he shot himself in the foot by using professional lights and retoucher. If he'd shot it in daylight and photoshopped it himself (like he always does), people would run out of excuses like "Oh, the pics are only good because of the expensive [...] he uses".

Notice by the way, that it was not even the iPhone 4 with its excellent 5-megapixel camera he used, it was only an iPhone 3Gs with its 3MP camera. And some of his fellow pros told him it was "his best pictures ever", before they heard how they had been made. 

He even got flack for the Olympus thing, which clearly was a joke. (He got a letter from an Olympus representative too!)

Here is a good fun audio interview with him.
(And a later article responding to critics.)


...........................Ray said...

This fellow Lee seems like a true shit-disturber, and I mean that as a compliment - I've been one most of my life.

But let's face it - a model like Olivia Price would photograph well with a pinhole camera in black & white using gas lanterns for lighting. She's absolutely gorgeous and no camera can fail to capture that.

eolake said...

Yeah, but set her up on the local camera club, and most people's pictures will be crap anyway.

Tommy said...

"most people's pictures will be crap anyway"

So, now we know it's not the camera. That leaves 2 others, lighting and oh yes, the photographer. Of course, lest we forget the post processing of the images and the subject itself. Sigh.... Well, I own a camera :-)

Anonymous said...

Using Photoshop would be seen as cheating too.

Anonymous said...

I'd be impressed if I saw him do something actually creative. These photographers can't draw or paint or sculpt or do anything that requires real ability. There may be some skill required to take good pictures, but let's face it no photograph will equal the great works of art.

...........................Ray said...

@ Anonymous, you poor thing, you...

"Using Photoshop would be seen as cheating too."

How about artists who photograph a scene, go home and project it on a
large screen or handy wall, and then get out their paints and paint a copy of it, and call that an original work of art? All they really did was edit the photograph,
in a sense. I'd say that's cheating too.

" photograph will equal the great works of art."

This depends on what one considers to be 'art'. I wouldn't give you two cents for most of the so-called great art, if a good photograph was available of the same subject, because I'm of the 'realistic' school, and the more real it looks, the better - and those famous artsy-fartsy paintings express the painter's emotions as much as whatever he was looking at and recording. I don't give a damn about his emotions or mental health - it's the quality of genuineness of the recorded image and its closeness to reality that I'm interested in.

So I would prefer a photograph of
something over a painting of it because the photograph would be a more accurate representation. I want to see what something actually looks like - NOT what the artist THINKS it looks like to him.

Andreas Weber said...

Pfft, all a sculptor does is removing everything from a piece of marble that doesn't belong to the statue ...