Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eight bucks? One movie? Or all you can watch for a month?

Netflix Offers Streaming-Only Plan, Netflix blog post.
"... we are now offering a new $7.99 a month plan which lets you instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to your computer or TV. This plan does not include any DVDs."

Eight dollars, that is what I paid two days ago here in UK to rent one single movie, Ironman 2 in HD online for 48 hours. What is wrong with this picture? How can things be that much askew?
I realize that Netflix' service here probably does not include HD and this years' hit movies, but still and all...


Roger B. said...

In Australia, on the other hand, broadband is very expensive. A friend of mine pays far more than I do per month, but I get 10 GB and he gets (from memory) 2 GB.

...........................Ray said...

It's interesting that the Swedish courts are socking it to the guys behind 'The Pirate Bay'[ - one of the internet's best bit-torrent search sites. How can the Swedes appoint themselves overseers of the World Wide Web? And what about all those others exchanging files with
torrents being seeded and leeched by thousands every day?
I don't think people can be forced to pay for something they don't want by denying them access to what they do want.

Alex said...

They have HD feeds of some stuff, whether it's 720 or 1080p I don't recall.

It used to be that for each disc you had in your rotation, that was the number of devices you could stream to. I'm not sure if this $8 deal can stream to more than one box at a time.

I still want the DVD's of the non-streaming catalogue, so I'm paying the extra for that

Philocalist said...

Ray, I could be wrong here, but I think that there was a LOT of pressure brought to bear by agencies outside of Sweden, primarily of US origin.
On the same thread, but much more insideous is a US attempt to do pretty much the same thing, currently going through Senate Judiciary Committee , with the difference being that if they (the US) decide that a site ... ANY site ... is coming down, it will be done in a way that deprives not only US residents, but everyone, world-wide ... effectively, a world-wide internet blacklist!
It's not yet law, quite, but well along the pipeline with the latest developments being November 18th, I think?

TC [Girl] said...

Here's some alternatives.