Sunday, November 28, 2010

Iron Man and Scarlet

I'm finally watching Iron Man 2. Via Apple TV rental. (I don't have the new box yet, but it's not very clear what, if anything, the new one can do that the old one couldnt.)
It's not so bad, so far.
I wonder, though, who decided that Scarlet Johansen is such a hot dish? To me she looks sort a neighbor's-wife-pretty, but not super-starlet pretty.

Oddly, first time I rented an HD movie over Apple TV, I could watch it in real time. This time it took five hours of download before I could watch it. Have they removed the capability of watching while it's still downloading? Or is it just that it was Saturday night and downloads were slow?

BTW, now I can play music and movies over my wireless network with no setup. Well, I made part of it work, maybe the rest of it depends on me getting the new box, which I'll get soon. But it's quite cool. Unfortunately it depends on the file being imported into iTunes and being a compatible format, which is muddy.


Anonymous said...

I don't get what's so special about her either. Dug the movie, though. A lot of critics think it's not as good as the first, but I liked it a lot more.

Suze said...

I think she's a hottie, personally, but we all look through different eyes.
Maybe also her attraction is more obvious, and appeals more to younger people at the mercy of hormones, than to middle-aged men?