Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Linde Waidhofer photo ebooks

[Thanks to Steve W]
Linde Waidhofer now runs with the interesting approach of "tip jar": giving her photo ebooks away for free, and let anybody pay what they think they were worth. I hope it's successful. I very much liked her Mexico book (pdf link) and I paid a tenner. (I seem to be a little tired of landscapes now. I think it's very hard to put your personal touch on landscape photos.)

I wonder if a tip jar can work well? Certainly photo books are not known traditionally for being gold mines, so it might be possible to beat that record, not the least for the lack of print costs.


Michael Burton said...

I think it's very hard to put your personal touch on landscape photos.

My reflexive response is to agree with you, but then I remember that I can spot an Ansel Adams landscape ten yards away.

I don't know how he did it, but he found a personal way to photograph landscapes.

Years ago, in a photojournalism class, a very gifted photographer showed newspaper photos from a neighborhood party. Dull stuff. Then he showed his own photos from the same event, and they were exciting and personal. He said we often look at things and don't really see them.

That's why we aren't all professional photographers, I guess.

eolake said...

Quite right.

Bill Brandt also made extraordinary "landscapes" on the occasions he made any. But they were rare artists.