Friday, December 24, 2010

How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck

How The Average U.S. Consumer Spends Their Paycheck, article.
Reading: 0.2%. Tobacco: 0.7%.

And about 17.6% on transportation!
That's a nice savings on working from home. Add to this the time you spend sitting in traffic. For many people that is hundreds of hours every year which could be productive in some other way.
Of course many places in the US it is just not practical or even possible to live without a car, unlike Europe which is much more compact. In my native Denmark, the country is so small  and developed that you can go virtually anywhere with public transportation, comfortably.


Jeff R. said...

Hey! Don't diss the drive to work.
It's the only opportunity I get to listen to audiobooks - which I absolutely adore!
When I get to work, I frequently stay in the car for 5-10 minutes, 'cause I can't bear to turn off the narration.
Can't find the time at home. Not fair to inflict it on others, and I will not walk around the house with earphones on.
I find I look forward to the drive to work.


Oh! ...and...

Happy MidWinter Solstice to you and yours. (Mid-"Summer" to us, but WTH)

eolake said...

Well, that's cool, I admit.