Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Girl Art

From Wikipedia:
Good girl art (GGA) is found in drawings or paintings which feature a strong emphasis on attractive women no matter what the subject or situation. GGA was most commonly featured in comic books, pulp magazines and crime fiction. When cited as an art movement, it is usually capitalized as Good Girl Art.

Gotta love that.
(Maybe I'm stretching the definition a little here, but I think there's a clear connection.)

Photos by Đặng Thiện. I think his work is very fresh and somehow "youthful" without the usual earmarks of a young creator.  (Below, unknown.) 

And of course there's also Bad Girl Art. Which naturally is about attractive, but nasty or "naughty" girls.

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dilbert firestorm said...

the second picture is an artwork of the comic book character Vampirella.