Friday, October 29, 2010

Tommy's blog

Regular readers may remember a fella named Tommy who has found some cool videos for us. Turns out he has a blog too.
For example I found this one there:

(As usual, click on the YouTube logo to see it in bigger size.)


TC [Girl] said...

LOVED this! SO COOL! :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


The most amazing thing is that they can keep their body *perfectly* still in the air, I don't quite see how that's possible with both wings going either forward or backwards, per Newton's law the body should move in the opposite direction.

TC [Girl] said...

As like strokes in water, similar to what they do in the air, will keep you "stable" in the same spot; a balancing act of sorts (same pressure is applied on front and back); they're just way more efficient and quick about it.

Another one of those 'God's Laws,' that we haven't figured out, like a bumble bee being able to truck his big bod around w/those tiny wittle wings. :-D

Tommy said...

I think it's amazing when a fly sits on the windshield of my car. I start driving and it is able to stay there. You'd think it would get blown away..

Anyway, we have a couple of humming birds that fly by our porch and stop for an occasional taste of sugar water. Anyway, does anyone have any idea how you could capture one with a camera. Before, I could even get my camera it would be gone and you never really know exactly when they're going to appear or where they're going to appear.

I have noticed that they arrive at about the same time of day, each day. Any thoughts?

Tommy said...

"(As usual, click on the YouTube logo to see it in bigger size.)"

Kewl, I didn't know you could do that..Good tip EO

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I think you need a little shelter for your camera by some sugar feeds, and a remote control. A pretty quiet camera (mirror-less) might be an idea.

You can probably find books and articles about it.

Anonymous said...

His blog sucks. You at least have the titty site as a draw for your inane ramblings.