Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cursor positioning improved

I must learn better yet to not jump to conclusions. For example I had believed that the iPad was a very poor tool for editing text (as differentiated from writing it), because normally, even with the little loupe, positioning the cursor is clumsy and tricky.

But QuickOffice for iPad has invented a thing which I hope others will borrow: you point and hold on some text, and the app rapidly zooms in to something like 300%, and moves the line and the cursor up to just above your fingertip. This makes positioning the cursor not just as easy as, but even easier than it has ever been on a desktop computer. Wow.

I believe that almost all the unnecessary limitations of the iPad are just a question of software refinement. Apart from those which will buckle under for normal hardware evolution.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Now I can sleep tonight.

eolake said...

That's nice. I like when I can bring a little succor.

Monsieur Beep! said...

this feature has been with/on my ipod touch since i use it.
ok, there are even more features unknown to me up to now:
was it you who mentioned that when you touch the space with eg 3 fingers you get 3 spaces. difficult for clumsy paws, but it works, even on my ipod.

I said ipoooooooood.