Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SF Bags (updated)

I'm just trying to digest an overview of what SFBags/WaterfieldDesigns have. It's challenging, because it's such a broad spectrum, and it all seem to be unusually nice and well produced and designed. And even just their Muzetto bag alone has four different sizes! (Three of them shown below.) (You can get it in black leather too, something not clear from the site.)
They are certainly not the most economical bags you can find, but quality is not cheap to make, and they are nowhere near the crazy prices of fashion bags (like $900 or $1900 for a simple handbag).

They also have bags, cases, and sleeves for phones and iPad, keyboards, laptops, cameras, even for the Kindle! I'm spinning, I guess I'll just have to order one of everything. In all colors! Ouch!

Update: These guys are totally insane, they even have several sleeves just for the Apple Wireless Keyboard. And the trackpad! I will have to back on my bed with my iPad in the bookholder, and explore at leisure.
I'll have to select like a dozen must-have products from their site, make a list, and then get in really good and friendly contact with my whole family from now til Christmas...

One thing fits perfectly for what I'd been looking for, a compact bag for both iPad and keyboard: the iPad Wallet. If you order it with a strap, it can serve as a bag as well as a case.

Also they have various sleeves both for iPad and keyboard and other things, all lovely, at different prices and strengths.

Update three hours later:
OK, I couldn't bring myself to just buy "everything", but I definitely sinned against propriety, and contributed to a good day at the office there.
It's true that their customer service really is excellent too.

I even did buy two colors of one thing: their cute li'll wallet, which I somehow suspect, despite the simple design, will work even better for me than my trusty 13-year-old trooper which is holding up remarkably well.


Philocalist said...

Sounds like they saw you coming! :-)

eolake said...

They must have seen me coming for years!

Well, they got me. Line, hook, and sinker. I'll have to buy more gadgets to fit in more of their cases and bags. Sigh.

John D. Linn said...

I got one of their little camera cases for my Canon S90 and it is really nice. Great quality. And great service. And no I do not work for them.

eolake said...

That was the one thing I missed in the party, I guess. Right now I have my own dear S90 in a pocket in my ScottEvest.