Friday, October 15, 2010

Sergio Aragones iPad wallpaper

It occurred to me that the old Sergio Aragones old Mad Magazine margin-crawler gags were perfect to go between icons of the iPad. So I hand-constructed such a wallpaper! Might as well have fun with Photoshop (and lots of layers!) now we've learned to use it. 

(Click for big pic.)

By the way, the shadows and the darkening toward the bottom is what the iPad does to all wallpapers. Hmm.

Get the pure background here. (It's in the resolution of the iPad 1.)

Update: here it is in the iPad3/4 resolution.
(Hmm, they seem to slightly have changed the vertical position of the icons now. Well, it's still close enough. Aragones was never about great precision!)

Feel free to use it on your own iPad, and tell me if you do.     :-)


eolake said...

Isn't that awesome? Took some work too.

johnny said...

Great wallpaper...

...........................Ray said...

@ Eolake -

That darker shading toward the bottom of the screen - perhaps to make the bottom taskbar/widgets easier to see ? (Just guessing here;
I don't own one of these.)

eolake said...

Nah, I think it's to give an appearance of three-dimensionality to the screen, like it's a space. They do that to most of their graphics.

Thanks, Johnny.

...........................Ray said...

@ Eolake:

Google's Picasa photo-handling program has a similar feature which can be used to do a graduated tint over a whole image. The Mac version is here:-

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I say, old chap, thank you so much for passing the sauce of the original image.

Even my verif loves you for it : "calin" is french for a hug! :-)