Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Panasonic GH2

I said a couple days ago: "(I can't believe they haven't updated the GF1 yet. I hope they'll do something great with it, unlike with the G2, which was a pretty trivial update.)"

 Well, how about that. No GF2 yet, but there's a GH2, and it has just what I was looking for: (at least claims of) super-fast handling and autofocus (they say it's faster than a good DSLR!), and much-improved high-ISO performance.
It would surprise me if these are not real, and if they don't also make it into the next-gen GF camera. Kewl.

Update: Yes, it is super-fast, but it depends on the lens. The 14-140mm lens is designed to be extra fast. The older 20mm lens is much slower in focusing.

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