Saturday, October 09, 2010

Make me a leather bag

I've been trying to find somebody to make me a simple leather bag to hold my iPad and Apple Wireless keyboard (together they are about 20x30x4 centimeters). It's surprisingly hard. Does anybody know anybody who does that?

Right now I'm considering this. I think it will just fit the keyboard also, which is only 4cm longer than the iPad. I already have a Crumpler carrier bag, a bigger one, and I really like it. Strong and very useful.


Alex said...

Get thee to a folk festival, they have leather craftsmen there who make custom order.

In your area I would expect there to be leather worker at The Pendle Witches, it's that sort of place. Maybe in the Royal Exchange Manchester. Somewhere touristy rather than affluent.

Have you considered a saddle maker? They may know how to do that, or you may find an adventurous upholsterer.

Just did a quick web search and found one in Chester, from See, tourist town.

I wonder if Afflecks Palace is still in Manchester. It was a bazaar, with alternate clothing merchants and record shops. Again, the web seems to think it is. No leather that I could see, but some rubber ;-) oo-er missus.

Alex said...

I miss Manchester, looks like some of it is still as it was.

eolake said...

Thanks. I'll try those.

I found *one* UK saddle maker/leather smith, and he told that he has an 8-month que of work, and that he does not know of anybody else in the country.

Miserere said...

This is almost what you want:

Maybe contact them and ask if they're planning one with space for a keyboard.

eolake said...

Thanks. Does look nice.

I did find a non-leather one with space for the keyboard.

eolake said...

(Durn, I thought this was the one which had a take-off strap.)

eolake said...

Oh, it does, for a bit extra. You'd think they'd mention this a bit more visibly. Makes quite a difference for its use.

eolake said...

Or this one
More expensive, but OK, so would a custom made one have been.

These guys make so many sleeves and bags! Hard to choose.