Saturday, October 09, 2010

More from Irv Thomas

I was visited this week by Irv Thomas, I took this pic Thursday.
In his eighties, he is currently on a tour of Europe!

And he has lived on the road for long stretches of his life, money-free.
There is much of interest to be learned, see my earlier post.
"The desire to get laid is a honey-in-the-pot trap for staying with the old grind, just like money and fame are. With your nose always buried in the pot, however, you really can't see what lies beyond it. And you tend to discount whatever anyone says lies beyond it. But let me tell you a couple of truths I've learned to live by..."


Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...

Thanks for the intro to Irv, Eolake. I can think of no more apropos comment to Irv than: "keep on truckin ..."

Anonymous said...

He should have a corncob pipe in his hand. He doesn't have to smoke it, but it would complete the image.

Anonymous said...

Irv is the man. Final Identity has probably hung himself by now.