Saturday, October 02, 2010

My office corner

Here is a small example of my current home-improvement efforts. 
I have this small office, fit for a world-wide monopoly of post-porn cheesecake art.
The back wall and  corner had gotten very messy with three printers, old computers and keyboards stacked up, and various cables thrown and snaking everywhere whether used or not. (Almost wish I had a before-picture, it was ridiculous.)
So I got use of all the stuff I was actually not using which freed up the floor and a tabletop. Under it is my laser printer, and under that again is a cupboard with printing paper and such.
So I put up some of my home decor and my new Zeppelina watercolors, and I'm very happy every time I walk into the room, there's more space and it looks way prettier. There are still two printers, but they have stepped way into the background.


Anonymous said...

Looks really good!

eolake said...

And you saw it before.