Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The ScottEvest in the airport

I'd written:
"Actually they say it's perfect for air travel, you can carry much more aboard, and in security you just slip off the vest and slap it onto the scanner band."

Phlocalist commented:
Don't try this unless you have a great sense of humour, a tolerant nature, and PLENTY of time to spare before the flight.........
I flew out a few days back, and in front of me at security was a garment similar to this, without too much empty space in the pockets ... was this guy smug or what? :-)
Off comes the coat, onto the belt, into the box and it beeps ... at which point the guy is 'invited' to step aside.
Something set off the sensor; EVERYTHING came out of the coat, much to the amusement of the other passengers.....

Now this  is a bit confusing, because the reason they have the x-ray machines is because there it is expected that there'll be metal items in there, and the x-ray shows them just what it is. (For example, I once had a Swiss army knife in a carry-on, and I had to send it via baggage claim.) So I think it should only be a problem if for some reason they can't identify an object and it might conceivably be a weapon. (Or perhaps if you're really being a pest.)

I also thinks that Scottevest would have heard about it if it were a common problem:


Philocalist said...

I think the main issue here is that any two customs / security people can and do act differently when presented with the same scenario.
It often comes down to nothing more than people being 'people', and different to each other: each with their own set of interactive social skills (or not!), who may have so far enjoyed the best day of their life, or just endured the worst ... so much of what happens in these scenarios is at best random, within whatever is seen to be the current framework of rules and regulations.
Let's face it: two people arrive at check-in, to all intents and purposes very similar, each with a carry-on slightly too large or heavy to fall within the rules.
One person is happy, polite, cheerful, the other is a prize pain in the ass .. any prizes for guessing who IS likely to go through WITH baggage, WITHOUT hassle, and who isn't?
Nobody EVER said life was fair ....

emptyspaces said...

In the States at least, these are not highly-trained people. And the rules even seem to be different at different airports. Since we've decided to turn over "security" to all these rent-a-cops, it would be nice if you could expect the same hassle everywhere you fly.

TC [Girl] said...

Check out the happs going on in your neck o' the woods, Eo.

eolake said...

Look more like 2D projections, though, projected on a human-shaped screen, don't know why they call them holograms.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
Look more like 2D projections, though, projected on a human-shaped screen, don't know why they call them holograms."

Funny enough, it started w/an article re: them "testing" them in France and...then, I noticed these, from Manchester. Funny enough, this is, comparatively, OLD NEWS, where you are; it's from January! lol!

Good point re: the dimensions. Could the wafer-thin "middle" sides be considered the 3rd dimension...technically? :-D I wonder: if they made a square plexiglass column, could they beam from 3 different angles to get the correct 3-D affect?(Can't get over peeps actually stop to give "them" tickets! LOL! I'd pay good $ to see that! :-D