Thursday, May 06, 2010


Just thought I'd give you a quick look at what's on my twin monitors today. (Of course they are side by side, but I put them in one file under each other for ease.) As you know, I always put beauty forward. Or even backward, if necessary.


James said...

Eolake: Based on the icons I see on your monitor shots, it looks like you have some interesting software on your Mac - some of which I am sure I am not aware of. Care to list them on your blog along with why you prefer them? After all, I introduced you to SnagIt!

Monsieur Beep! said...

You deal with beauties, I deal with beauties (in my case: cows), the very best are presented in a catalogue, haha, together with the male sirs - I can only add: beauties everywhere.

What wonderful jobs we have.....



eolake said...

Hmmm. OK, briefly then.

Safari, basic browser, great, but not always the best.

Eudora. Great email app, sadly development has halted, I may have to give it up after fifteen years. :(

Zipper. for compressing files.

iCal. Good calendar.

Snaggit for screen shots.

1password. They say it's good for keeping passwords.

Golive six. Sux, outdated, but I haven't found a replacement yet for html wysiwig editing.


Tex Edit Plus. Wonderful text editor for basic writing and for straightening out text which has been mangled with false returns and all that.

SpamSieve. Good spam filter.

Transmit. FTP app for file transfers.

GraphicConverter. Great app for overall graphics handling, for sorting photos and such.

Kiwi. twitter app.

Nisus Writer Express. Good word processor.

Google Chrome. Pretty good browser.

Preview. Apples app for viewing many different kinds of files, PDF, photos, etc.

Quicktime. movie player

Quicktime Pro from the previous OS version. Can edit a bit more than current version.

Firefox. Better for blogger than Safari.

System preferences.


iSkySoft iMedia Converter for capturing DVDs.

James said...

Eolake: Thanks for the list (appreciate you taking the time). I am not familiar with many of them and will be checking them out.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Are these both views of your two-sided monitor? ;-)
Hey, I've got a coin like that!