Sunday, May 02, 2010

Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight

Peter found this hot little number, Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight.
Seems like S/M may become the next kink to become mainstream, after homosexuality. Now we're just waiting for the S/M sitcoms corresponding to Will And Grace, The L Word and Queer As Folk (have you seen the latter? Pure gay porn. Admittedly the nudity didn't bother me when it was on the L Word!).


Alex said...

I'm sorry, S&M has been part of main stream for a long time. The CA video just seems to be the pairing of Janet Jackson dance routines with tight rubber clothing like Robert Palmers video for "Addicted to love" and the bondage gear worn by Annie Lennox.

Add to this the S&M elements in the Duran Duran video for "The Chauffeur" , "Imagination" by Belouis Somme (both mid 80's), and don't forget the clothing as worn by Diana Rigg in The Avengers episode "Touch of Brimstone".

I guess I ought to provide links.

Duran Duran - the Chauffeur

Diana Rigg - Touch of Brimstone

More conservative, but still

<a href='">Belouis Some - Imagination</a>

<a href="">Julie Walters in Personal Services</a>

Don't forget all the S&M in Bond films.

I also saw a girl on a dog leash walking around town a couple of years ago.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sure. All that. And people know it exists. And so on. But mainstream, I don't know.
I was interested in it for a period a few years ago, and I did a lot of reading about on the web and books.
Previous to that I knew nothing about it. And my ideas were for example that no young or attractive people were into such things. Or those that did it and enjoyed it, never did things that actually hurt.

Also, people here in the UK can still be charged with violence crimes (and are sometimes) for SM sex games.
And the law world-wide does not see any difference between spanking your girlfriend as abuse, or as a consensual sex game. That's blanket ignorance, that is.

Oh, and a few years ago, I bought a DVD from the US which had women in dominatrix costumes on the cover, and it was confiscated in customs! I got a letter that I could certainly challenge the decision that it was obscene material, but if I did, I risked going to prison!

Robb in Houston said...

Great production and editing.
The concept of S&M and BDSM is often joked about, but it's more so-called mainstream than many people think.

I personally know people who are into some very hot things that the public would be shocked at.

It's there - just behind the scenes.

Anyone want to be photographed in kinky clothes? :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

That's just it. People think it must be like 0.5% of the population who are into stuff like that, but it's big, it's similar to the gay population at least. So it's hidden.

dave nielsen said...

Polygamy will be the next thing. And they already have a show. The religious weirdos were right for the wrong reasons - allowing gay marriage does open the door to allowing all kinds of other stuff, but none of it necessarily immoral. Polygamy is only bad when you have these nuts living out in the wilderness forcing teenage girls to marry dudes old enough to be their grandfather.

Not that too many dudes would go for it. One wife is all most guys could handle, and I don't be financially. :)